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Wild animals!
Personalized Gift Name and Name and the Wild Animals
Name and Name and the Wild Animals

Name and Name and the Wild Animals

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A Super Safari for Two Explorers!

Our little explorers love animals and are pretending to be lions in their room. The grownups want to join in the game and imagine that they are going to see all the interesting animals that live in the African Savannah!

On the safari trip, they meet an elephant washing its calves. They also meet the curious, stripy zebras and the hungry giraffes. In the lake, they find the crocodiles that love playing hide and seek and the hippopotamus that breaks wind, making bubbles in the water! They also see the roaring lion, the fast cheetah, the dancing flamingos, the sneezing rhinoceros and the curious monkeys that steal bananas from the lunch basket.

The children are actively involved during the reading process, for instance, by trumpeting like an elephant, roaring like a lion, breaking wind like a hippo, sticking their tongue out like a giraffe, and many more actions!

The book is perfect for children between the ages 0 to 4. Both children are equally involved in the story. They can be siblings or friends.

You can also personalize this book for 1 child: "Name and the Wild Animals"

Schrijver: Anna Dybdal
Schrijver: Helena Joy
Illustrator: Sarah Conradsen

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Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label
Hardcover, hoogwaardig gecoat papier.
Hardcover, hoogwaardig gecoat papier.

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